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The epitome of aesthetics.
Bitches cant get enough of the zyzz aesthetics
#zyzzzz #zyzzing #aesthetics #better than you #misc #ceo 10k a day #inb4 lock
by wow strong arms April 04, 2010
Son of Zeus. Brother of Hercules. Father of Aesthetics
Zyzz is God - no homo
#zyzz #aesthetics #aesthetic squad #aziz #god
by HeartZyzz October 03, 2010
A "Zyzz" is a lifestyle stereotype, and slang shorthand derived from the common first name "Aziz" (pronounced "Ziz"), used within some ethnic bodybuilding circles in the West.

Closely associated with an ostentatious, steroid-fueled bodybuilding lifestyle, a typical Zyzz is a young man from an Middle Eastern background who is fixated upon their own physical appearance, with a particular focus on muscle development.

A Zyzz is stylistically related to the 'guido' or 'wog', but unlike the guido who hails from Italian roots, a Zyzz will be of an Arab, or Iranian ethnic background. A Zyzz is also specifically focused on the gym lifestyle, differing from the guido's slightly wider spectrum of sleazy activities.

Like their cultural cousin the guido, a Zyzz may loudly play dance music, bleach their teeth, live in the gym, frequent tanning salons, get highly visible tattoos, cosmetic surgery, and will wear clothes & other items aimed at attracting attention to themselves.

A Zyzz type ethnic douchebag is often pathologically self-aggrandizing, and will alienate others with their attention seeking & wild claims. To others, the majority of their 'boasts' come across as vainglorious, and grounded in narcissistic fantasy.

A typical Zyzz wants others to believe they are fantastic ("fully sick brah!"), at least according to the shallow value-system of some greasy world-view. To this end, a Zyzz will seek out followers, gaining low-IQ sycophants in the process.
Typical Zyzz: "Come at me brah! I'll fuckin' bench press all of you! Then I'll fuck, like, 21 sluts!"
#douchebag #narcissist #anabolic steroids #guido #muslim
by Dusty82 January 25, 2011
shorts also known as 2ero's or Rugby shorts. They are very short shorts for men, and are commonly worn by frequent Gym goers to show off their built quads. Made famous by the late, inspirational bodybuilder Zyzz.
DeltoidsBrah: What are you wearing to EDC m8?

QuadsBrah: Nothing but some shades and a pair of Zyzz's brah.
#zyzz #aesthetic #chestbrah #sick #kunt #lifting #gym
by MyBaddBrah May 04, 2013
a supreme bumhole sent from the planet jersey
Boner for Zyzz person: "you mirin"
Normal human being: "you gay?"
#zyzz #bumhole #rather #large #bum
by ze bumhole slayer January 08, 2012
A rather famous Homosexual drug user from Australia. He died of a drug overdose in a Thailand spa in 2011. It was speculated he was enjoying the company of Thai lady-boys at the time. He is credited with opening up Homosexuality in the weight-lifting world. Many bodybuilders that are active members in are open homosexuals and credit Zyzz as a hero. The Mods are especially known for their support of the male gay lifestyle which they credit to Zyzz. Mod#1- Sup brah? Mod#2- Sup! Mod#1- Hey Brah you gettin yucky with the boys tonight? Zyzz style?!?! Mod#2- Hell yeah brah! We are gunna party like zyzz tonight with all the boys!!! Mod#1- No Girls I hope!!!!! Mod#2- Hell No!!! I said Zyzz style Brah!!!
#zyzz #homosexual #gay #lgtb #bodybuilding #yucky
by Tru ChestBrah September 21, 2013
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