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a state of mind where the affected is unnaturally unaware of his surroundings

... usually after several cones

people under the influence of muzz are likely to trip, break things or generally fuck up the simplest of tasks
"dude, i am so muzzed"
"I'm just muzzing out"
*in exsaperated tone* "Muuuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzzz"
"Ramwell, stop muzzing out -- you left my house unlocked and two bongs on my parents kitchen table"
by stoz June 26, 2006
Aside from the obvious, a butt slut is also a person who will smoke the last drag of any cigeratte that is not their own.

Usually hated by nicotine addicts world wide
Paddy: "hey man, can i be a butt slut?" *take cigarette and smokes last drag*
by stoz June 26, 2006
A person who is prone to making ridiculously stupid mistakes that is laughable to an ordinary human.
"That Ramwell sure is a Boris"
"man, i'm so sorry for borising out at your grandfathers funeral"
by stoz June 26, 2006

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