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2 definitions by FattyFattyBoBatty

Muzz - The stubble on a pubic area, left after not having been shaved for a week.

Muzzed - To have your face rubbed in muzz.

Muzz Hunting - To cruise for chicks with muzz.

Muzzology - The study of muzz.

Muzzism - One's divine beliefs in muzz.
I was goin' down on this chick, but the muzz scared me.

I was eating this chick out yesterday, next thing I know, I'm being muzzed!

Me and Tommy went muzz hunting last night.

I studied muzzology for 4 years in colledge.

When I inquired about Muzzism at the church I was thrown from a second story window.
by FattyFattyBoBatty November 10, 2007
A cute word used in the place of "animal" by those of the female and homosexual persuasion.
'Tis a manamal, therefore it is dawgie!
by FattyFattyBoBatty November 09, 2007