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When defecating you need to use so much force you brace you self between the walls. Just like Han Solo does in Star Wars when trapped in the Trash Pit.
Dude I didn't think that shit was gonna come out, I had to use The Harrison.
#push #crap #shit #force #dump
by RCweb January 07, 2008
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A seduction maneuver that trades subtlety for passion. Instead of waiting to see if you can negotiate an end of the date kiss, wait until your partner is in the middle of a sentence, grab her (or him) by the hair, and stick your tongue down their throat with such molten passion they forget what they were saying.

Ideally followed by continuing the conversation and the date as if nothing happened, while watching them try to recover their senses.
It just gets so dark so early- *the Harrison is employed* --um, I, hmm?
#kiss #sex #hot #maneuver #harrison #harison #wow
by iamcalledstrongbad November 23, 2010
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