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The original Compound is located in Chapelgate, Dublin, Ireland and is simply known as "The Compound".

Compounds are the abodes of young affluent "Compoundians".

Compounds usually resemble old, old fort like structures with *HIGH* walls & security gates. Security is key. Some Compounds are known to employ an advanced "shard of glass" protection system whereby pieces of glass are embedded into the summits of the above mentioned *HIGH* walls to act as a deterrence to any "have a go Compoundians" (sometimes referred to as "peasants" or just plain knackers).

Compoundians all over the world enjoy a strict regime of being better than "you" while suggesting that you "deal with it". All this is done from the secure confines that only a Compound can truly offer.

Over the course of time Compoundians have inevitably begun to construct their own speech patterns. Sometimes illegible, but always vaunting, common examples of Compoundian dribble is shown below.

Although no crime has ever been committed in any Compound since their founding (historians believe the year zero B.C i.e. Before Compound), punishment for other "Compound Offences" is still widely tolerated and indeed actively encouraged within its *High* walls. Punishable offences include 1) Illegal entry into a Compound and 2) Denying the occurrence of the Compound.

Punishment regularly includes, but is not limited to: Sullying, where the names of offenders are besmirched all over the Hamptons.
"Look at me...I'm covered in glory"

"Hallo (Formal Compound Roll™ ©) So good to meet you...lovely weather we're having"

"All is well in The Compound...naturally"

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by The Compound Head Scribe February 14, 2008
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