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1 definition by 503forlife

an apartment complex in either an urban or suburban area

where 98% of the people there smoke cigs, smoke weed,

drink alot, take acid or shrooms, pop pills, do coke, take e's,

ect. most of the people either listen to metal, reggae, or rap.

lots of baby drama, lot of pregnant women, fights, partys,

and slutty yet mostly hot women, that you'd be better off

wearing a condom for. the police get called down alot and

little kids always hang out in the streets here. basicly an

urban or suburban version of a trailer park.
guy1: what you do this weed end
guy2: i went to a party at the compound and got fucked

up on bacardi and jd, then smoked some chronic, got in a
fight, fucked some drunk chick, took took some mollie
and woke up in some random persons house.
guy: damn why didnt you invite me
by 503forlife August 18, 2010