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Sista Souljah is a rap artist and was a vocal member of Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition. During the 92 riots over the Rodney King beating, Sista Souljah made several racist statements encouraging senseless black on white violence. Her sound bites not only damaged her own reputation, but ultimately damaged Jesse Jackson's credibility. Presidential candidate Bill Clinton wasted no time jumping on this, and compared Souljah (and Jesse Jackson by association) to David Duke, a former Louisiana governor who was a leader in the Ku Klux Klan.

A Sista Souljah moment is when a black person damages their reputation by making a racist statement publicly.
Kanye West had a Sista Souljah moment when he interrupted Taylor Swift's MTV Music Award acceptance speech, yanked the microphone from her hand, and declared Beyonce should have won the award instead.
by ButtSmoothie September 13, 2009
A compound is where you find religious whackos who deserve to be executed by the US government. If you ever start a religious movement, please, for the love of all that is holy don't call yourselves a cult or your church a compound.
1. Jim Jones' followers in Guyana all died together in their compound.

2. The BATF burned the Branch Davidian Compound to the ground, killing all the women and children in the process.
by ButtSmoothie August 28, 2009

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