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Like in chemistry a chemical bond between two items.. A compound is like soul mates.
'Woah Jane and Mike are a compound'
'I know they are made for eachother!'
by BettyTom October 05, 2007
Another way of saying 'fuck all'
1: Have you done your maths homework?
2: Fanny Adams
by BettyTom October 30, 2007
1)Shortened for Knock-back. When someone asks another to have sex with them but they reject the asker.

2)Now commonly used in the Uk as rejected
1) 'Hey baby wanna shag?'
'No thanks.'
'Omg you like totally kb'd me

2) You start talking to someone and they ignore you
Aaah! KB
by BettyTom October 05, 2007

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