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Noun: A mysterious location where objects of nuisance are stored in...
alright... here we go... pumped? thought so:

As Sam looked away, Peter Nathanson snatched her gas bomb and through it into The Cabbage Patch
Where is my binder?!? Reply: The Cabbage Patch.. (DUH)

by Poor Tom on a cross... May 28, 2010
that nasty ass area of GP park near Detroit where the houses are under $200,000 and there is a 1 in 50,000 chance of getting shot. As opposed to the usual odds of getting shot in grosse pointe (equalivelent to winning the lottery).
Haha you poor bastard you live in the cabbage patch.

Whats that, you live in the cabbage patch, you must be blaq

Ewwww, the cabbage patch.
by nigga big hemp April 29, 2006
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