The best state in the USA!

We are NOT cowboys who ride around on horses with our cowboy hats and boots.
if you wear a cowboy hat and boots anywhere but west texas or a ranch, you are basically asking for a beating.
there are cities
there are not ranches everywhere
If you have a southern drawl, it is noticed because it is not that common.
not everyone loves bush. just like not everyone where you live loves bush. some people like him. others dont. its actually pretty balanced.

i love texas

you should too.
Texan: I live in Texas.
Non-Texan: I wish I could live in Texas.
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by mandychic0406 January 01, 2006
It is difficult to define Texas as a whole because the state is really diverse. So, I will divide the state into regions by culture and geography:

East Texas: Basically anything to the east of I-45 is East Texas...Culturally similar to other southern states. Huge amount of confederate flags and rednecks. Everyone's obsessed with high school football, Baptists rule everything. Geographically, It's flat with some sprawling Pine Forests in the Northeast. Climate is hot and humid. There's three seasons here: Summer, Almost summer, and Spring. The main cities are: Beaumont, Texarkana, Lufkin, Tyler, Nacogdoches, and Port Arthur.

Central Texas: Beautiful Country, abundance of rolling hills and gorgeous streams. Often ignored by other parts of Texas. Schlitterbahn(voted best waterpark in america) is there. Climate is wonderful, it's warm and dryer than other parts. Major cities: Austin, Temple, Kileen, New Braunfels, and Waco.

North Texas: This mainly Includes the panhandle which is mainly similar to the midwest. It's really flat with almost nothing but farms and grass. There is beauty close to Palo Duro Canyon. Major Cities: Amarillo and Lubbock.

West Texas: Arid but beautiful. This is the sterotype that most people have about all of Texas. It is mainly a part of the Chihuahuan Desert(which is not a dog) and is really beautiful around the Big Bend areas. Hot and Dry, this region is similar to the Southwest. Major Cities: El Paso, Odessa, and Midland.

South Texas: Mainly farming and ranching areas. Not much here but the Rio Grande Valley. Huge influx of Mexican Immigrants. King Ranch is here which is bigger than Rhode Island. The main tourist attraction here is South Padre Island which is the only place in Texas where you will find clean beaches. Major Cities: Brownsville, McAllen, Corpus Christi, and Kingsville.

Urban Texas: Includes the areas of Houston, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and San Antonio. These areas have a culture of it's own and don't normally conform to the areas they're in.
Texas differs in each region of the state.
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by jadali May 03, 2008
Texas can be divided into two sections, the cities and the rural areas.

In cities like Dallas and Houston, minorities far outnumber white people. The only people wearing cowboy hats are people from other states, and they generally don't go to the cities (for good reason). There is a Starbucks on every block, and during lunch hour, the line will extend out the door. Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio can be very ghetto, in fact. Dallas has the highest murder rate of any city over 1,000,000, and Houston isn't far behind. When on the subway in Dallas, confused tourists will be asking you for directions, while behind you a homeless man will be urinating on the platform, and the people next to you will be speaking spanish. It is indeed a very urban experience (as is everything in Dallas and Houston). People are NOT friendly in the city of Dallas, however, in Houston, people are much more hospitable. Dallasites tend to be very arrogant. 95% of the people in the cities do not have any detectable southern accent, and look down on the people who do.

Beyond the cities and their suburbs, however, lies a completely different Texas. "The Country" is where people in the cities go for recreation (such as camping or boating) and thats about it. People are far less educated than they are in the cities, and have heavy southern accents. Fireworks stands will be on every street, instead of Starbucks, and most people will have a gun. The people here are for the most part seeking a humble existance, and are very kind and hospitable people. People in the cities tend to view these people as uneducated hicks, rightly or wrongly.

That pretty much sums up Texas.

Oh Yeah, Austin is really Berkeley, California reincarnated in Texas.
Californian: You have to be kidding me, you're from Texas? I thought it was only steers and queers?

Texas: ...sigh... and you call us ignorant?
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by Jeremy Poradek August 08, 2006
The krunkest, most off da chain state in the USA. ALL you hoes that don't like TEXAS can kiss ass and go to hell with gasoline panties on cuz ya'll don't know what the fuck ya talkin' 'bout. Texas provides for all of the rest of you poor insufficient losers. ya'll ought to be thankful for a great state like us that does so much for every body else in this stinkin' country. Texas is where every thing krunk happens. The Kappa, Hoop it up, WE GOT SIX FLAGS!! (over Texas) And besides that everything is always bigger in Texas and bigger is always better.
by dallas chick 2004 March 09, 2004
I'm from Texas. It's just another state in the U.S. I'm not racist, I've never worn a cowboy hat or boots, I've never ridden a horse or owned livestock. I don't have a truck. I've never said "Don't mess with Texas" or "Everythings bigger in Texas". I'm not an idiot, my I.Q. Is 125. I don't have sex with relatives. I don't own a flag. I've never been to a rodeo. I'm not a religious person, and I hate country music. There are stereotypical Texans here but not everyone is one of them. And out of all of the definitions for Texas (positive or otherwise) mine has better grammar. (And I am currently 16 years old. Male.)
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by BlakeG. May 28, 2009
I love how you all bash on Texas. How many of you have actually been here? I was born and raised here and its a very diverse state. There is not much racism, no incest, i dont drive a truck, i sure as hell dont wear cowboy apparel, and i dont have a horse. I live in a very nice neighborhood in a city. Yeah i love football, but what man in his right mind doesnt rgardless of what state hes from? Who cares if its highschool, college, or the NFL? I dont bash on your states so what gives you the right to bash on mine? Hell yeah im proud of where i come from, im sorry you have to be assholes to make yourselves feel better. Your problem not mine. Oh and why dont y'all (make the jokes, i said it on purpose.) do some research and find out where that fathead "Dubya" really comes from before you use him to make the rest of us look bad. You call us ignorant but why dont you all take a look in the mirror before you try to use that as a weapon. We Texans are not an idiotic, uneducated people like you all are trying to make us out to be. Oh and another thing...Texas has the more people in the military fighting for you freedom, I was one of them...Your welcome...21B for life! A word to the wise; Form your argument, think about how your gonna say it, use proper grammar, then come talk to me. Thank you.

Your Friend,

The Texan
Person #1-Where are you from?
Person #2-Texas
Person #1-Bush sucks! And he came from Texas so Texas sucks too!!
Person #2-Wow...Really? And you call me dumb?
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by TURBOS14 March 21, 2011
One of the biggest states in America. Unfortunately, it has fallen prey to the biggest negative stereotypes in America, most of which come from people who have never even been to the place.

Ironically, one of the biggest stereotypes that Texas faces is that everyone there is racist. The people that follow this belief are racist themselves, not to mention hypocritical, for believing the stereotype.

I am a Texan. I do not fall under any of the stereotypes that are floating around. Any ignorant bastard that believes them can go fuck themselves.
Dipshit: So where are you from?

Texan: I'm from Texas.

Dipshit: What? Fuck you! I bet you have sex with your sister every night wearing a cowboy outfit and country music on the stereo on full-blast! Why don't you just burn and die you racist bastard!

Texan: Um... I hate country music, I've never worn anything that a cowboy would wear, I'm not racist, and having sex with relatives is illegal even in Texas, and I wouldn't want to do that anyway...

Dipshit: Huh? Is it really illegal?

Texan: ...You've never been to Texas, have you?

Dipshit: Well, no...

Texan: Damn hypocritical racists...
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by A.Proud.Texan December 22, 2010
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