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A small suburban town near Houston, Texas with an insanely competitive school in terms of academics and athletics. Kingwood High School is amazing at all sports except football. Kingwood High School's rival is Humble High School. Although people say there is nothing to do, Houston is actually close by, so many activities take place there. There are many churches in Kingwood, as well as many church activities. On the contrary, there are alot of druggies, as of everywhere else in the US.

synonyms: the bubble, K-town, K-hood, K-wood
antonyms: Humble (the city)
Kingwood Resident: Hello, I am from Kingwood
Humble Resident: HEEEELLL NAW. Im from Humble, Bitch!
Kingwood Resident: Oh, shit.
#the bubble #k-town #k-hood #k-wood #snobtown
by mandychic0406 October 29, 2005
The best state in the USA!

We are NOT cowboys who ride around on horses with our cowboy hats and boots.
if you wear a cowboy hat and boots anywhere but west texas or a ranch, you are basically asking for a beating.
there are cities
there are not ranches everywhere
If you have a southern drawl, it is noticed because it is not that common.
not everyone loves bush. just like not everyone where you live loves bush. some people like him. others dont. its actually pretty balanced.

i love texas

you should too.
Texan: I live in Texas.
Non-Texan: I wish I could live in Texas.
#lone star state #texan #tx #tex #deep in the hear of texas
by mandychic0406 January 01, 2006
One of the "stan" lands located in central Asia made up of primarly followers of Islam.
I was born in Uzbekistan, but moved to Turkmenistan when I was 10 years old.
by mandychic0406 September 14, 2005
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