courting, or trying to get at a person relationship wise
boy: ay baby girl let me get your number
girl: depends are you trying to talk talk to me or you just want pussy?
by alypd April 02, 2007
Top Definition
A band that is sadly not coming back.
I really wish Talk Talk would get back together!
by scary plastic toy March 15, 2009
simple kissing, usually lasting less than two seconds with no tounge involved (at most times); You cannot simply tell someone what talk talk is, you must show them
Chad: Katie, we're goign to have a talk talk
Katie: What's that?
Chad: Come here I'll show you.
Katie: Just tell me!
Chad: I can't.
by tpkirk2k September 03, 2006
Ornate but otherwise meaningless business-speak usually heard coming out of MBA students.

It's a double-edged sword and is very difficult to wield effectively. Amateurish use will result in the loss of all credibility whereas the opposite is true for those who do it well.
Bored VC: *sigh* "Not another talk talk session."
by Joshua Chao September 30, 2005
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