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To look dirty at someone (up and down)
Oooh dat nigga was just sizing you. You gonna let dat go?
by alypd September 12, 2006
a hoe; a person that wants only relations and not a relationship
Many hoes and whores can be considered skeeses
by alypd January 14, 2007
courting, or trying to get at a person relationship wise
boy: ay baby girl let me get your number
girl: depends are you trying to talk talk to me or you just want pussy?
by alypd April 02, 2007
to pay for some weed
ay brah throw down for some bud i aint got dat much paper lef
by alypd September 21, 2006
A nice hoe or slut. But they are a hoe/slut none the less.
Nora is a madd cool bodit.
by alypd January 14, 2007
the pimp's best prostitute that rakes in the most money for him
My bottom bitch is in high demand!
by alypd November 06, 2006

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