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An amazing person; a term used to emphasize importance; A great friend, loyal, unique, fun, terrific, amazing and happy go lucky. To know a "Talei" is to know the best person you will ever meet. A Talei can be a temptress, seductress, succubus, princess, genius, friend or any number of other things. If you know a Talei, you are probably one of the luckiest people there is.
"I always feel better when there's a Talei around"
"I had the best night ever because of a Talei"
"You can sit around all day and as long as there is a Talei involved it will be the best day ever"
by Oller July 09, 2009
25 7
1) Precious

2) see cocktease

3) Act of giving it up (to lay)
3) Who gets Talei tonight?
by mario420 July 27, 2006
22 12
A sexy woman who loves anal.
Damn! Talei is off the chain!
by Ollie173 November 08, 2007
9 20