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A young man that goes out with an older woman.
It's sad how Anna and her tadpole get all these stares from the close-minded, just because of their differences in age.
by Neon October 16, 2003
The type of semen that REAL men ejaculate.
Fuck what you know about being a man, I bust tadpoles son.
by mr.white April 25, 2008
A way of saying you kinda like someone but not completely yet.
You say, "I like you a tadpole. Maybe one day it'll become a frog."
by BreeDizzle March 19, 2011
Attempting to give someone (most likely a male) the Shocker but unfortunately the pinky is left without an orifice, thus wiggling around like a tadpole.
The gentleman was unaware that he had accidentally given the woman the Tadpole rather than the much desired Shocker.
by dubpen October 04, 2010
The "tadpole" like shrapnel emptied into the toilet bowl from your bowels after eating salad the day before or that day and it requires lbs of toilet paper to cleanse, it's almost like wiping your ass with wax paper.
I took a crap and the bowl was full of tadpoles!
by Q8 December 01, 2007
A derrogatory term for a Belgian. (Almost French, but not quite)

see frog
"Someone pinched my wallet in Antwerp! Fuckin' tadpoles!"
by Phuyuck '74 March 24, 2004
v: the act of inserting one's soft flaccid penis into the circular opening of the mouth belonging to someone who is sleeping. Upon insertion the soft and flaccid penis may be slightly dangled in a manner that the receiving mouth be tickled or left motionless in the mouth for a period of time left at the discretion of he who is performing the action.
Last night I gave Axl the tadpole. His sweaty ass hands must expel most of the water in his body because his mouth was as dry as sandpaper.
by Nick Polise July 30, 2008
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