A close friend that one has known for an extended period. Someone that is held dear to the heart. A person who knows a great deal about another.
Hey, Tadpole, what's up?
by allison r. August 24, 2006
A one-nutted penis.
Check out Dustin's tadpole. Ha Ha Ha Ha.
by Smokey D November 22, 2003
Someone who has a big head and a small tail
James you are a tadpole.
by Stephen wilson February 12, 2007
A wooden block that naughty people can sit on.
Ah man, I'm gonna go sit on a tadpole and I don't even care.
by MC Starbucks November 20, 2003
A plus-12 inch pocket rocket.
She took off her dress and her jaw hit the floor when he reeled out the Tadpole.
by Burgos P. September 02, 2004
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