Something that impressionable nerds started chowing down on just because Maddox, Chuck Norris, and United States Marines started to talk about the stuff, so wimpy skinny nerds love it too!

Its like when people started twirling pens when they saw Top Gun. Of course they felt it looked retarded, but it looked cool in front of the chicks.

Unfortunately it doesn't obscure the fact that you have poor hygiene, a ugly face, and poor social skills. All you achieved is totally destroying all your taste buds with a shitty sauce thats based upon pure-heat than flavor.

The only good use for Tabasco Sauce is to hide the lousy taste of terrible cooking.

Otherwise it just ruins and vandalizes good ol' homecooked flavor with vinegar, peppar, and salt.

Your a loser if you eat Tabasco sauce just because Maddox said so. Go BECOME a role model instead of imitating a crazed internet nerd who worked as a telemarketer. You fail at everything in life if you can't make your own decisions and rely on Maddox to tell you what.

Yeah I know there are other crappy flavors of Tabasco, but you'll just get called a faggot by a insecure nerd for looking at a bottle of chipotle sauce.
by C Tan September 03, 2007
Top Definition
1. condiment of the Gods founded in New Iberia, produced on Avery Island; hot pepper sauce in multiple flavors.
I like tabasco on my eggs.
by Bud E Love May 05, 2003
a trademark used for a very spicy sauce made from a strong-flavored red pepper.
Real men put tabasco on everything they eat.
by Junkyardjimbo88 June 27, 2003
1. A state in southern Mexico.

2. The best hot sauce in the world.
Tabasco is a state!

I love tabasco sauce.
The best goddamn hot sauce in the universe. It is composed of vinegar, red peppers, and salt, which is stirred then stored in barrels for a few years.
gs68 never eats pizza without tabasco sauce unless he has absolutely no access to it.
by dj gs68 September 28, 2003
A totally wicked sauce that I use to make my chili even spicier.
Tabasco rulthes!
by ArcticFox November 12, 2003
A substance of great mystery and horror.

Men find themselves drawn to it, as if it were a beacon leading them down the path to salvation.

Only to find themselves trapped in a realm of burning, hellish, eternal pain.
I had Tabasco sauce once and it was awful. But maybe that's only cuz I'm a woman ;)
by Cortana Dragoon July 02, 2005
Saucy and sweet, this Latin American beauty was born in a box, but rose to dominate the spice market. Through marriage and business, she is now the Countess of Worcester.
Tabasco utterly charmed the Viscount, while exchanging knowing glances with Mr. Chang, all the while texting Natasha on her latest conquests.
by chasethedoor January 23, 2014
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