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Haughty and snobbish, the well dressed Viscount looms above mere mortals who supp and dine, and disdains desserts and after-dinner drinks because society calls. Word of his presence in the neighborhood is reason alone to leave directly after dinner, and to get on with the business at hand.
The party cancelled their order for coffee and cake and called for hats and coats, once rumor became fact and it was confirmed that the Viscount was on the prowl.
by chasethedoor October 31, 2011
Intelligent, determine Russian double-agent, sometimes helping Mr. Chang, sometimes allied with General Kazoo. Always ready to party with Tabasco.
The Commodore regarded Natasha warily, as well he should, as he walked up the stately steps to the posh party given by the Viscount.
by chasethedoor February 03, 2014
The viceroy is well known personality, who visits restaurants and bars, in order to be seen, rather than to see. His presence or absence is often used as a reason by others why the check or bill of fare is not to be paid, or to defer dessert. He haunts establishments by his formidable reputation, and his word is law.
I would love to have the apple pie, but I have to meet the Viceroy, don't you know?
by chasethedoor October 30, 2011
A faithful elephant, descended from that line of pachyderms usefully employed by Hannibal in the Second Punic War. In modern times, Sabi sometimes followed Viscounts and Viceroys on their appointed tasks.
Sabi came suddenly upon the unfortunate, tusks flared and trunk unfurled.
by chasethedoor October 31, 2011
A noble animal, this horse accompanies the Viscount when he is in cities.
Look! There rides the Viscount, astride Michelangelo. Huzzah!
by chasethedoor November 02, 2011
Saucy and sweet, this Latin American beauty was born in a box, but rose to dominate the spice market. Through marriage and business, she is now the Countess of Worcester.
Tabasco utterly charmed the Viscount, while exchanging knowing glances with Mr. Chang, all the while texting Natasha on her latest conquests.
by chasethedoor January 23, 2014
A feared admiral in the Chinese Navy. His best friends cautiously refer to him as "Mr." Also stated to be a fine golfer.
Mr. Chang unleashed his submarines at the flotilla commanded by the Commodore, while his thought turned to 5-irons to the pins at Palm Beach.
by chasethedoor January 07, 2014

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