Basically something that is hanging around your house that is obsolete. Everybody is on the internet, going to games, or playing video games.
TV back then: Stuff like the Simpsons that could be watched by the whole family.
TV now: CSI reruns, movies that are played, 1500 times, mindless reality shows, stupid documentaries, spongebob, wrestling, hannah montana, NASCAR, annoying shopping channels, and letting you nearly have your tits hang out.
by Lil Duff 2008 December 06, 2008
A TV is essentially box containing moving pictures, accompanied by sound, designed to reverse the effects of education in adults, seniors, and children. It is occasionally referred to as a boob tube, a television, and various other names. It corrupts the minds of a nations people. It is everywhere you go. There is no escape. NONE. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.
Before TV:
Bob: "Hey Jack, what's 6+6?"
Jack: "12"
After TV:
Bob: "Hey Jack, what's 6+6?"
Jack: "plus..?"
by Jesse Wilkerson November 13, 2007
friend with many colors
Guy: Im going to hang with my TV
Guy2: Aight, I'll come too
by xleox October 14, 2004
cultural warfare. TV companies cater to the lowest-common-denominator, people's weaknesses to make profit.
Americans watch too much TV
by normal October 24, 2003
Our only education

Free porn
Teacher: Lets watch mindless TV, i dont wana teach, im too high

Kids: Lets watch porn!!

Teacher: Fine fine....

Kid: by watching TV, i learned how to make a bomb big enough to blow up a city block
by bob April 01, 2005
The big box that poisons the mind of any living organism that sits in front of it. Symptoms of TV poisoning are:

Massive drooling
Bloodshot eyes
Lazy tounges
Slurred speach
Serial killing
The urge to buy any product advertised
Take this scenario for example:
"Honey, time for dinner"
"Budmom. Lost isgointobeonsprettysoons"
"Son, stop watching that dumb tv"
by Packies November 01, 2006
a box shaped thing witch light comes out of and boys and girls cant stop watching
look at him watch tv,this is gonna be some kind of a reacerd
by yo mamma November 14, 2003
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