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1.The face you make when you're on the bus staring into nothingness with your mouth open.

2.The sound you make when someone completely stupifies you and you don't know what else to say.

3.The sound a mentally challenged person (retard) makes.
Bus example:
"Look at that kid, he's making a durrr face!"
by XSIRH & GIZXVB November 03, 2005
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The same as saying no duh or the sound a retard makes and is fun to say with a lot of people.
Kid 1: Your sister is soooo hott.

Kid 2: Durrr...
by J June 20, 2005
A word used by a southerner in reaction to a group of girls that hail from Pennsylvania, usually used in the vicinity of a verrryyy slow moving bar in southern Alabama.
Southerner: "hey, where ya'll from?"

Group: "Pennsylvania"

Southerner: "durrr"
by khan90 March 10, 2010
Another way of saying retard.
Other spelling include dur, durr, duur etc...
"What happened?"
"I don't know... I'm a durrr..."
by BN November 24, 2004

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