thiz is what it iz. slang for etc.or dope. from the underground andre hicks(mac dre).. or like ay lets do tha thizzle dance~
lets bust out the thizzle. or pop the thizzle
by brianna April 09, 2005
another word for ecstacy, ravers use the slang word.
Do you have any thizzles?
by psnuggles97 April 20, 2006
Or can also be used like the word "game".Mostly used in a relationship situation as a cover up or a lie. A clever explanation meant to be convincing to the person on the receiving end.
Best used in the phrase "Step Your Thizzle Up".
by Devon Grundy May 18, 2010
The place in da hood were donkeys poop and monkeys get stupid.
Fool check out robin hoods thizzle
by whizahman345 July 25, 2006
its like sayin do yo thang down here inSOUTHSIDE KILLAFORNIA F**K THE BAY
go on and do yo thug thizzle!
by BIG SERG April 16, 2006
A word used by the one and only MAC Dre out of Vallejo, CA.
The BAy area's word for: Thing
We were at the party doin our THIZZLE
by maxinda925 January 31, 2005
same thing as the word thing
doin his thizzle
by jessika September 01, 2003

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