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A word used by the one and only MAC Dre out of Vallejo, CA.
The Bay area's word for: Being on ecstacy.
"Can you do the Thizzle Dance?"
by Destiny. April 18, 2005
a thizzle is a single tablet of XTC
pop a thizzle is to take a hit of XTC
Thizzingis being under the influence of XTC
Thiz is what it is XTC is the new money making drug on the street
Thizzle Dance a strage drunken/high c-walk style step dance where u follow the lyrics to get stupid
Thizzle Wiggle is when a girl shakes her body so that it vibrates and that all of her is wiggling, while high on XTC
by FR3ZE TYLER April 27, 2005
the BAY AREA's term to drop e. orignally made to prevent black people to look lik AZNs by callin it exo, or some shit.
ay nigga down ta pop a thizzle.
by ? February 17, 2004
A word meaning multiple extacy pills.
Aaron asked Jon, " Did you get the thizzles yet?!"
by Kinch September 04, 2006
1. An Ecstacy pill made popular and known largely in the Bay area by the late rapper Mac Dre ( Andre Hicks).
2. Thizzle Dance. To do a dance while on E.
3. Thizz Face. Face you make when you chew a thizzle.
1.Yo son, you ready to pop this thizzle. Yo nigga, my thizzle is the read shit nigga, its finna be 10$. You fine bitch, It's time to pop you a thizzle.

2.Damn, that nigga was feelin his shit, you see his thizz dance ?

3. Damn that was a nasty ass thizzle, you see my thizzle face ?
by saavage September 29, 2005
(THIZZLE): ecstasy; or a dance created from mac dre and da folks outta da crestside turf in vallejo cali
gimme 2 thizzlez u beezy!! or dust yaself off like bases been stole!! yadidimean!!!
by 209CUTTHOAT June 16, 2005
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