a slang word for thug
it could also me this
or it could mean thang
yo that thizzle is wack he is a punk
by JayKay February 25, 2005
I do my thizzle.
by keke November 16, 2002
Thizzles(n) Means to persevere through tough times 2. Staying positive-focused and diligent 3. Be true, Keep it CRUNK in everything you do. 4. Represent you and yours- your People. Keep God first!
I went through a federal lawsuit in Pro per, fighting major record labels, and no matter how hard it got, I stuck it out. I represented my rights, my property-rights and the rights of my community to be creative and not be encroached upon. That's keeping it "Crunk" YES! God carried me through it all! Www.thizzles.com
by D Munford June 18, 2005

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