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a more subtle substitute for the word "fucked"

1. describes someone who just had sex

2. the position that is a result of a problem or bad situation that seems impossible to solve/get out of
1. "Dude, I think Sean screwed her last night."

2. "We have our exam TODAY?! Dammit, I'm so SCREWED!"
by ? March 09, 2003
purple stuff,oil,sizzurp, whatever you wanna call it. Is a codine and promithazene mix that people from the south and H-town sip and sell.
1. YOu got some drank?
2.I'm dranked out.
by ? October 22, 2003
very hot
she is very very very emmy
by ? February 25, 2003
ridiculously good looking, an amazing man
by ? February 10, 2003
It jus means friend
Yo dat gals ma bredrin dont be cussin her!
by ? February 25, 2004
the BAY AREA's term to drop e. orignally made to prevent black people to look lik AZNs by callin it exo, or some shit.
ay nigga down ta pop a thizzle.
by ? February 17, 2004
A fine specimen of the female homosapien variety.
Thesauras: Elegant, Suave, Charming, Intelligent, Talented, Beautiful.
A prime example would be Zobia Arshad
by ? May 20, 2004