Titties, Ass, & Beaver - more commonly known as a female
Z: Lets hit the clubs and find some T.A.B.

Y: I'm down, havent had that in a hot minute, sadly I've been in a dry-spell
by thedownsouthmacD February 09, 2009
Titties, Ass, and Beer!!!!!
stoner1: T.A.B.!
stoner2: hells yeah I could go for some TAB right now!
by the chigger April 29, 2006
A person playing a videogame or any sort of game online while at the same time drinking loads of RedBull and eating fastfood. It could also be used as a verb: "to tab". You could either be a tab or tab by yourself or with others, even though it is not a very social event.
Person 1: Evan is not going out tonight, he'd rather sit alone at home playing Halo and drink Red Bull.
Person 2: Ah, seriously? What a tab!
by kittycat1304lol June 14, 2010
A code word for "tolk a bowl". Tolk, also a word to smoke or take a hit of weed,pot,marijuana. And, Bowl, refering to the part of the pipe where weed is placed.
Steve: Sam, do y want to go T a B, it is almost 4:20?
Sam: Yeah, I'm down. Load the bowl.
by Donobane April 13, 2009
tab tab- noun, verb, tabbed, tab-bing

1. text - a - bitch. The act of sending a text message to a girl with the intention of pursuing a sexual relationship.
" I was supposed to see Jane tonight, but I tabbed her to let her know I couldn't make it. "

"I just got a raging tab."
by Ike Zinnerman April 18, 2008
term for loritabs (pills)
Damn, i just snorted two tabs. They were 10's too !!
by chey l. February 18, 2008
A word used to describe porn.
Dude, let's watch some tabs.
by Pikey67 July 16, 2011

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