a small bag or marijuana. usualy about 1 joint worth
yo man i just got a tab. lets smoke
by 123fhfhf75 December 31, 2010
An accidental mix up of words or letters
ohh, thats a tab! (par cark - instead of car park)
by PebbleDash93 November 04, 2010
Acronym for Taking A Break
My boyfriend and I are arguing alot, we need to TAB
by cherry1120 August 24, 2010
Nut yourself
I dont have a girlfriend and I cant get a date so I had to TAB it.
by Bud Smith May 12, 2010
A code word for "tolk a bowl". Tolk, also a word to smoke or take a hit of weed,pot,marijuana. And, Bowl, refering to the part of the pipe where weed is placed.
Steve: Sam, do y want to go T a B, it is almost 4:20?
Sam: Yeah, I'm down. Load the bowl.
by Donobane April 13, 2009
things in firefox that let you have a lot of websites open in one window
open a some tabs and go to google and newgrounds
by yywhere aka frydo October 03, 2006
A drinking game with very few rules.

Invented by The Ohio State University and Illinois State University tri teams.

Rule 1: To start or enter the game, one must be five drinks in
Rule2: (forgot, long night...)
Rule 3: No cookies allowed (cough medicine not recommended)

Start with many cups of beer in the middle of the table with one Tab-cup (king-cup). One player (The Tab-Master) starts by taking a tab off of a beer can (should be many around because you just filled many cups with beer). He puts the tab in his hand behind his back and switches from hand to hand. When he decides which hand he wants it in he puts both of his hands out in front of him. The guesser (The Tab-sterbater) then guesses which hand the tab is in. If he guesses correct the Tab-Master drinks, if he guesses wrong, he drinks. The Tab-sterbater becomes the Tab-Master the next turn. Go around in a circle one by one until all cups are gone. When there is only the Tab-cup left it is the best 2 of 3 to decide the losser. Refill cups in center to continue game all night.

Adam: We played a long game of Tab last night.

Derek: What's Tab?

Adam: Are you serious? Where have you been the past two years?!

Derek: Michigan...
by The Tab-sterbater February 20, 2012

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