Acronym : Totes Amaze Balls
That show was tab.
Or #tab
by AAJneologisms July 20, 2012
Tight-Ass Bitch: reference to any female perceived to be uptight, snobby, narcissistic, or generally enamored of their own unjustified self-worth.
That Paris is such a TAB, she thinks she's so hot.
by MooGod August 29, 2009
Tight Asian Butt.

Refers to the common genetic structure of young Asian women, who generally have slender attractive backsides.
"Dude, did you check out that TAB in physics lecture? That shit was smoking..."
by senor rad April 21, 2009
a tab is how music for guitars is written and read such as


by the way to you other pickers that isnt a song.
ive been working on that stairway to heaven for a friggin month
by the good doctor November 08, 2004
Tan and Buff. Characteristics of a very good looking bro.
Shelby: OMG youre so T.A.B. while the other guys are pale and frial

Jusitn: Rawr
by Shelby95<3 January 27, 2011
Tobacco, plain and simple.
"I need some fucking tab!"
by Nigs G June 17, 2009
Titties, Ass, & Beaver - more commonly known as a female
Z: Lets hit the clubs and find some T.A.B.

Y: I'm down, havent had that in a hot minute, sadly I've been in a dry-spell
by thedownsouthmacD February 09, 2009

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