You say this to someone who is not being very nice. Fairly simple idea.
Boy: Hey you wanna go out with me?
Girl: ewwww no your lame dude
Boy (aside): What a f*cking TAB
by PatrickB(the hot one) June 01, 2009
Short for Twist A Blunt. The word is used in reference of rolling or "twistin" a blunt.
"Yo lets buy some bud and tab up"

-"What you up to?"
-"Nothin, i'm just tabbin up real quick"
-"Ohh Dippp"
by BDEMPS November 09, 2008
Oxford derogatory slang for students at cambridge.

Comes from 'cantabrigian,' the postscript on a cambridge degree.
useless bloody tabs, can't live with 'em, cant live without 'em
by col. March 04, 2005
Shitty soft drink that tastes like Sweet-and-Low. Used to display label "May cause cancer."
I drank Tab before I went to bed last night, and now i have a too-mah.
by MoonKnight November 13, 2002
True Ass Bitch(s) or Thristy Ass Bitch (s) or Terrible Ass Bitch(s) or Trippin Ass Bitch(s) or Tellin Ass Bitch(s) or Twisted Ass Bitch(s)
Someone who's real or doesn't know when to stop (T.A.B.S)
by Vivir Alambre March 01, 2014
Word commonly used in Nottingham to discribe ears.
"My tabs are cold!"

"That sweet made my tabs laugh!" (Referring to a sour/fizzy sweet)
by BeccaG October 17, 2013
The act of "Alt-Tabbing" out of whatever program you are in on your computer and going to go get high. Most commonly used among teenage gamers.
Bill, lets tab real quick.
by Kirig November 09, 2012

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