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The finest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world. Educator of philosophers, Kings, Presidents, and other eminent individuals. Also quite a lovely town, replete with beautiful scenery and impressive architecture.

Often derided by a tribe of ill-mannered savages who "study" somewhere in the wilds of East Anglia.
Bloke 1: "I'll have you know, I study at Cambridge."

Bloke 2: "Brilliant! I'll mention you to my flatmates up at Oxford, we are looking for a new butler."
by DreamingSpires August 23, 2004
A student at Cambridge University.

Derived from the latin abbreviation, "Cantab." which comes from "Universitas Cantabrium."

Generally used as a term of derision by students at Oxford University, particularly in the context of a sporting event.
"Kill the bloody Tabs!"
by DreamingSpires August 26, 2004
Literally, "love of wisdom."

From the Greek: "Philo" (love), and "sophos" (wisdom)

William James described it as "the pursuit of thinking objectively about the fundamental issues."

Consists in subjecting the whole of human knowledge to rigorous scrutiny. Major fields of philosophical thought include Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics.
I want to know how we can know that we know that which we think we know. Thus, I am majoring in philosophy.
by DreamingSpires August 25, 2004
Spectacularly, mind-bogglingly, awe-inspiringly drunk. Far beyond drunk, blitzed, wasted, or cocked, you are now pushing the very limits of man's capacity for alcohol consumption.
"Yo man, my head really hurts. What the hell happened last night?"

"Dude, you were shit-cock wasted."
by DreamingSpires August 23, 2004
Noun: A flat-bottomed boat, ideal for exploring the Rivers Cherwell and Isis. Can carry 5 or 6 passengers, and ought to be stocked with champagne, Pimm's, chocolates and strawberries prior to departure.

Verb: To spend a period of time - ideally an afternoon - in such a vessel. (Generally used as a gerund.)
College finally bought a punt, so we needn't wait in line with the tourists this weekend.

What a lovely afternoon, let's go punting!
by DreamingSpires August 30, 2004
Intellectual stimulation in an ideal living environment. The combination of 1,800 talented 18-22 year olds, alcohol, drugs, and some of the most brilliant minds on the planet. A place where all men (and women) are indeed equal, and where the free exchange of ideas flourishes.

Forget Disney World - college is the most magical place on Earth.
I am smart. I want to learn, have fun, and have a future. Therefore, I am going to college.
by DreamingSpires August 23, 2004
A lovely market town with an outstanding university for the training of individuals who are destined to work for the graduates of a far better institution.

Students suffer from a terrible inferiority complex, which manifests itself in the form of a penchant for working so hard that they become obsessive and rather ill-tempered.
Oxford Student 1: "I'm off to Cambridge for the day, anybody wish to join me?"

Oxford Student 2: "Sure, I'm up for a bit of slumming!"
by DreamingSpires August 23, 2004

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