1. A 'tab' (small square) of paper soaked in LSD acid.
2. A hard, long-distance march done with kit. Common in the Army and especially British SAS.
3. The place in Australia to bet. Totaliser Agency Board (TAB). Similar to Off Track Betting (OTB), but handle's sports betting aswell.
1. "You got any tab's left."
2. "We've still got a longtime left on this tab."
3. "Let's go to the TAB and lay down a few bets."
by Diego July 29, 2003
Lortab, Vicodin, or any other similar shaped Hydrocodone pain killer.
"How much for those 3 tabs?"
by Mick Lee July 20, 2003
Oxford slang for students of Cambridge University. From 'Cantab.' (short for Cantabrigium).
1) Shoe the filthy tab!
2) (To the tune of 'She'll be Coming Round the Mountain) "I would rather be a leper than a tab... (etc)"
by Champers May 03, 2005
A name for Ecstacy (MDMA)
Yo bro you got any tabs for sale?
by Clifto March 25, 2004
kept notes and special attention to what a perhaps significant someone is doing at all times.
"that girl is so damn protective and paranoid, always keepin tabs on her boy n his crew."
by booty January 20, 2004
(British, Northern)

a cigarette
give us a tab will ya.
by pantsonhead December 23, 2002
A word for cigarettes in north east England
"I canney sell ya nay tabs mon"
by Ryan Maxwell May 24, 2008

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