To be from T-Town is to identify oneself as being transexual or transgender
by Apollo23 April 26, 2011
ttown shoes
by Karson aka poop April 25, 2009
Slang term for Tucson, Arizona
What are we doing in T-Town tonight?
by Colin August 19, 2004
Tolleson ( is a city in Maricopa County, Arizona, United States.

Tolleson is a self-contained community, 10 miles west of downtown Phoenix. W.G. Tolleson of South Carolina founded the town in 1912. Tolleson measures about six square miles and was incorporated in 1929. Once dependent on agriculture, Tolleson today has a strong commercial and industrial base. According to the 2000 census 77.97% of the population was Hispanic or Latino of any race. Just off I-10 and 101 freeways a couple of miles south of "" and "The Univesity of Phoenix" arenas.
I was eating at Pete's Fish and Chips right in the heart of T-town.
by wsruizjr July 26, 2007
Refers to Tuscaloosa, Alabama; home of the Crimson Tide
Goin to watch the Tide in T-Town this weekend.
by Sweet Home Alabama January 17, 2008
T-town is an abbriviated forn of Tampa, Florida. I guess it it could be any town or city that begins with the letter T, so, it's a universial name for a city or town beginig with the letter T. No T-town is better than any other T-town
Jen: Where you going on vacation, Gramma?
Gramma: We are going to see friends that retired to T-town
Jen: Which T-town, Gram?
Gramma:Tampa- the finest of all T-towns, you should know better, young lady!
Jen: Sweet! Will you get me a t-shirt, please?
Gramma: Of course, sweetie.
by ms.hahne August 09, 2006
ya'll wrong t-town is tacoma, wa, straight up
watch ya mouth when you talk about that t-town
by schelene April 27, 2005

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