ya'll wrong t-town is tacoma, wa, straight up
watch ya mouth when you talk about that t-town
by schelene April 27, 2005
the sketchiest place in pictou county , and they are all gross there .
1:wanna go to t-town ?
2:nah , its a sketchfest .
by alfred seranity April 01, 2009
Tampa,Florida and only Tampa Florida

Tuscon Arizona does not qualify to be called T-Town
Me: I'm from T-Town
G: Tuscon?
Me: Fuck no, Tuscon is softer than a tissue
G: just trickin' Tampa u guys go Hard
by Glitche February 27, 2009
Slang in reference to one being from, and or, located in Tempe, Arizona.
"I'm live in t-town."
"I was raised in t-town"
"I drove all the way from North Phoenix to t-town"
by darmina December 13, 2006
these nigs got it all wrong. T - Town is TUCSON AZ. Fo shizzle.
gangsta 1: yo g u wnana hit up p town
gangsta 2: fuck no u ho p town if pussies and thats y u r a wussy
by Jizzy B May 11, 2005
Tacoma, Washington. U.S.A
Betty: "Where are you from?"
Joe: "T-Town"
Betty: "Oh, I'm sorry."
by Darin September 21, 2005
An abbriviation for the impossibly hard to spell town to spell and say in Illinois. Teutopolis.
Person 1: Hey who we playin' tonight?
Person 2: T-Town
Person 1: The Wooden Shoes?
by Nichole S September 19, 2006
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