the sketchiest place in pictou county , and they are all gross there .
1:wanna go to t-town ?
2:nah , its a sketchfest .
by alfred seranity April 01, 2009
Tampa,Florida and only Tampa Florida

Tuscon Arizona does not qualify to be called T-Town
Me: I'm from T-Town
G: Tuscon?
Me: Fuck no, Tuscon is softer than a tissue
G: just trickin' Tampa u guys go Hard
by Glitche February 27, 2009
Tulsa, Oklahoma known by this name in the 1970s
by sooze August 27, 2003
Slang in reference to one being from, and or, located in Tempe, Arizona.
"I'm live in t-town."
"I was raised in t-town"
"I drove all the way from North Phoenix to t-town"
by darmina December 13, 2006
these nigs got it all wrong. T - Town is TUCSON AZ. Fo shizzle.
gangsta 1: yo g u wnana hit up p town
gangsta 2: fuck no u ho p town if pussies and thats y u r a wussy
by Jizzy B May 11, 2005
Tacoma, Washington. U.S.A
Betty: "Where are you from?"
Joe: "T-Town"
Betty: "Oh, I'm sorry."
by Darin September 21, 2005
T-town is a hood name for the best place in the world Tacoma Washington 253!!!
"man i wish i lived in t town cus its the best place ever, instead of shitty city."
by c-ris arnoldo July 18, 2004

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