a shortened version for Tallahassee, FL
my boy stayes over in T-Town, hes studying engineering
by Da XCellent July 10, 2004
Slang for Torrington, CT, A boring town in the Northwestern Hills of Connecticut.
Chillin in the parking lot, Just another day in T-Town.
by Bob Minogue September 09, 2005
small, lame-ass but charming town in southeastern michigan.
What's up in T-Town tonight?
Not much.
by t-town chica June 03, 2005
An abbreviation of the city of Torrington, Connecticut. Other abbrieviations include Borrington or Whorington. Either of those abbrieviations will give you exactly what you need to know about Torrington.
I truly loathe T Town.
by Sstteepphhiieee January 14, 2008
T-town is the nick name of Tecumseh, Ontario since 1876. STRAIGT UP G SHIT
Lets go to T-town and smoke some bud.
by Emerica May 05, 2005
Teen Town is long for T-Town started in the 50's on Toledo Ohio till present.
When is ht e dance at T-Town (Teen Town)
by David Coller Toledo Ohio August 12, 2003

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