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T-town is a hood name for the best place in the world Tacoma Washington 253!!!
"man i wish i lived in t town cus its the best place ever, instead of shitty city."
by c-ris arnoldo July 18, 2004
City in west Alabama. Tuscaloosa, Alabama. "Home of The Crimson Tide".
If you want to see the best football, go to T-Town!
by Mike Carroll December 16, 2002
Anotha way of saying Tulare, CA (Tha 559) Where All Tha Gangstas Stay
"Waddup I Be Holdin' It Down For T-Town!!"
by SweetMaMaLovin July 06, 2006
Abbreviation for Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
We hung out in t town before the game.
by Chris McFarland October 05, 2007
A place in Britsh Columbia called Tsawwassen. Part of the municipality of Delta. Probably one of the most boring places to live. There's a lame bowling alley, no movie theaters and only two real decent places to get a meal. Oh, and the main drag (56 St) is only about 2.5kms long.
-Dude... what can we do tonight?
-I dunno man, there's nothing to do!
-I know!!! Let's go cow tipping
-Sounds like fun!
by McMike May 29, 2003
Terrell, Texas. A smal town with a mental hospital. The city is real ghetto, has a high STD rate, high drug rate, and is still semi-segregated.
If you wanna live in the ghetto. move to T-Town, aka Terrell, Texas.
by T-Town April 09, 2003
Toronto, Iowa. A town full of weed that old farmers grow by their cattle.
Lets go to T-Town and get some bomb-ass weed. DURKA DURKA!
by Alicia Errico August 04, 2005