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Redneck Craphole USA. Probably the most backward town on earth and home to the world's largest high school. Students love to holler, "rrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwww tah. ROW!"

The locals do a lot of drinking and worship an old cornball drunk from Moro(n) Bottom, Arkansas who flunked out of Podunk High School but was still admitted to Bammer.
We might be dumbern possum shit out here in Tuscaloosa, but we got tway-uv, kant um tway-uv true to life national champion chips!
by Elouise Hampton September 04, 2007
A small redneck community in Alabama - near Mississippi no less.
Tuscaloosa sucks asses. Bigguns. Everyone watches Hee Haw all the time.
by Erleen Q. January 20, 2010
Medium sized town in Alabama known for their college football team the Crimson Tide. Lots of fine females and redneck highschoolers.
Lets go to the game in Tuscaloosa. Roll TIDE Roll. Bubba pass me my beer.
by KyleGates June 27, 2005
Also know as T-Town it's home of the University of Alabama. Its a hell of a place to party, have fun, go to school, watch and play football,and its also a great community. Lots of people hate on it because they are lame and one night their mother was passing through and got knocked up but we wont talk about that.
The Tide rolled today in Tuscaloosa beating Auburn 36-0.

I cant wait till Tennesse comes back to Tuscaloosa, their woman give the best brain.
by T Goode February 24, 2009
Biggest prison yard in the USA
Even Al Capone can't escape Tuscaloosa
by sajux March 02, 2015
a place that destroys worlds and people and relationships and everything. Possibly the lamest place on earth.
Lots of high school and college sluts that enjoy homewrecking and being slutty. Has some of the lamest places and guys who think that drinking 4 cans of Bud Light is the most hardcore thing in the world. Which in fact its not and is better identified as being..'weak as piss'. Often referred to as 'T-Town' to make it sound more cool and less shit.

it never works.
soft:"Yeh lets get wasted T-Town Style!"
not soft: "you mean, lets drink 5 light beers and call it a night? Tuscaloosa is so soft!"
by kidwasabi August 04, 2008
A place where Mike gets his balls licked.
Your daughter was in Tuscaloosa last night.
by TripleThreat April 30, 2005
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