Satan's Utility Vehicle. Nothing more than an irresponsible, gaz-guzzling, status symbol bought and operated by sexualty frustrated housewives, trophywives and suburban soccer moms who think they own the road and believe it requires a 3-ton monstrocity to haul 2 kids to practice while their cheating, corporate executive husbands are off banging their secretary. An SUV can often be seen occupying two parking spaces so it won't be hit by another "inferior" vehicle.
An SUV is an absolutely worthless, irresponsible automobile that does nothing but serve as a status cymbol to show off your money to others as if we care how much money you have. All SUVS are incredibly irresponsible to the environment and should be outlawed.
by krock1dk March 24, 2008
Suddenly Useless Vechile.
With today's Gas Prices, The SUV are no longer used.
by AIC CEO October 25, 2005
n. A relatively new term used to describe many passenger vehicles that are high and have a "rugged" appearance.

the first SUVs were simply pickup trucks that had rear seats and a permanent roof in back in place of the truck bed- a step beyond the simple "camper shell." More sophisticated SUVs eventually got their own body styles, although most were still based on a pickup chassis. SUVs were manufactured mainly by the US, although the British made some as well, such as Land Rover.

Following a large increase in popularity around the turn of the century, SUVs began to flood the market. every car company had one, if not multiple, models of SUV. Foreign companies are in on the market as well, most notably the Japanese, and most recently some of the German car companies, such as Porsche and Volkswagen. with the newer models, there are basically three categories:

The "real" SUV- a vehicle that has not lost its roots as an offroader. included in this group the Hummer H1, Chevy Trailblazer, and most Land Rover vehicles. To a lesser extent, the Ford Explorer, Chevy Tahoe/GMC Yukon, and Dodge Durango also fall under this classification.

The "Behemoth"- these SUVs are emormous... in fact, they are so large that taking them offroad is usually a bad idea. The Chevy Suburban (aka the GMC Yukon XL) is a household name and was the prime example of this type of vehicle for many years until Ford unveiled the even larger Excursion. Ford's Expedition is also in this category, and the explorer may also end up here because it gets larger with every redesign. Large SUVs always have 3 rows of seats and typically seat 7 or 8 people. many "soccer moms" have purchased these SUVs as "cool" replacements for minivans, although they have the same passenger capacity but are less stable and less fuel efficient than minivans and even most full-sized vans. the Ford Excusrion gets 10~11 miles per gallon for city riving. The immense size of these SUVs makes them perfect for camping, moving furniture, and towing.

The mini SUV- the last general grouping of SUVs didn't hit the market until the SUVs' surge in popularity. these are primarily based on car chassis and carry 5 people. they are pretty much useless as offroaders and don't get amazing mileage, although this category of SUV has the best mileage of the three. they have much better road manners than other SUVs as well. These SUVs are more numerous than the others because of their price and relative practicality compared to the other SUVs. the Jeep Liberty, Ford Escape, Toyota Rav4, and Mercedes Benz M-class are only a few examples.

There are still more that don't really fit in the 3 categories. Some SUVs exist purely for their "cool factor" and luxury accomodations. these are the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, and Hummer H2.

Others are just unique for their capabilities. the Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Touareg are both said to be very nice road vehicles, but they are also capable of handling moderate offroad situations. The Crysler Pacifica is a minivan-SUV crossover that has similar attributes.
Way too many people commute to work alone in small SUVs when they could take a nice, quick compact that gets twice the mileage... or at least a good luxury 4-door.
by Chris June 17, 2004
See UAV. A vehicle used by rich single mothers to take control of the road. Rarely used off road.
The single mother next door likes to go shopping in her SUV.
by AgentM September 21, 2003

2. An oversized chuck of steel that idiots use to drive five miles from their house into town to cash in their paycheck.
Coupes and sedans pwn the SUV.

Seriously people, what the hell...SUVs are gay.
by idonthavaname October 04, 2006
The SUV is suppose to be a sport utility vehicle.A rugged truck type of vehicle that is design for offroad purposes,cargo haulers and trailer haulers.The whole idea and concept of SUV since the 1990's has change since the suv has become a vehicle that is a commercial.The auto manufactures increasing making suvs.Before the 1990's GM Cadillac and ford lincoln didn't make an suv.Only made luxury cars.The suv has became a trend and a lifestyle among suburbia people that have to compete with the jones.Majority of suvs never hit offroad dirt road trails.Most suvs are gas guzzler vehicle that support terriorst due to have to have a higher demand for oil and most suvs are not echonomical.SUVs are owned among soccer moms or dads that live in the suburbs to haul kids to school in.Suvs are ugly boxy vehicle that are the size of a sherman tank.The suv is not a very good of center of gravity that has increase risk of rollovers.The suv is the upgrade vehicle of the minivan.What is sad but true is that the road is flooded with suvs with suvs flocked on parking lots,flocked on driveways of the suburbia neighborhood.This is the idea of people that share the same brain and don't believe being and individual. Today idea of owning an suv is to be trendy and to fit in with the folks.Alot of the suvs look like cookie cutters.
Soccer mom has to take her little tykes to school and soccer practice in the sherman tank suv that seat about 7 passengers, but only has 2 children.The suv is very thirsty at the gas pump.To fill up an suv can take up to more than 50.00 to fill up the tank with gas prices almost at 3.00 a gallon.Most suvs get less than 20 mpg unless buy the new hibrid
by clcamaro September 10, 2007
Stupid Utility Vechiel
I dont know how to spell.
by You August 03, 2003
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