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The real star of Viva La Bam.A grotesque
looking man,prone to frequent outbursts,
which leads to him screaming in an unknown language.Famous for some real odd things on his body,a rotted toenail,
a crater on his back,skin grapes hanging
out of his one pit,an eerie,unfocused
eye and his famous collection of chins.
I look forward to his hilarious antics
when he has to deal with the usual array
of shit from this group of brain dead
idiots,ransacking his house,shredding
his belongings,destroying his cars..etc.
Don Vito is here to stay,the world needs
a scallopini eating junkie,scooter driving wildman.
He's loud,he's fat and he's proud...if
you can understand what the hell he's
saying.He's Don Vito,the new man in town...He drives a kick ass scooter,hangs at the bar at Antonio's,
has a Springsteen tattoo on his ass and
eats some pretty rancid shit...He's
always ready to call the cops and has
a mother with a smoldering fuse and
crazy eyes...Vinny the chin,Chinzilla,
more to come...
by Getch June 28, 2005
Philadelphia street slang.Denotes a used
condom and is always regarded as an insult.Haven't heard this used other
than in Philly vicinity.
We had a good time at the party,until
that jit bag from Jersey showed up.
by Getch June 02, 2005
An overgrown station wagon,normally
occupied by one of the following...
assholes,scumbags,douche bags and the
usual dumb fucking cunt with a cell
phone jammed in her ear and her precious
little fuck remnants in the back.You can
usually find these fucking zeroes in your rear view mirror,riding up someones
ass,landing in ditches,rolling over and
generally being driven by the typical
asshole in the categories above.You have
to be a real fucking moron to get sucked
in by the car mfr.bullshit advertising
for these useless pieces of shit.Unless
it's for military,service or rough terrain usage,there's no fucking reason
why these assholes need these shitwagons.I have to hear these fuckwads
moan on the news when they have to shell
out $55 to gas up these pieces of shit.
Too bad,asshole..pay up.I had the personal pleasure last year on 2 separate occasions of seeing 2 of these
assholes in ford explorers getting their
asses beat,one on the highway and the
other at an exit ramp.I witnessed the
cocksucker at the exit ramp,moments before,driving like a reckless asshole
on the highway and pushing people out of
the way.The fuckwad got what he deserved,moaning like a little bitch when he got his ass ripped.Take boxing
lessons asshole."The bigger the suv,
the smaller the pecker"Now,go roll the
fuck over.
Hello Sir...you just won a brand new
suv in our drawing...
Stick it up your ass,handjob...I'll hang
on to my Yugo......
by Getch May 31, 2005
No words are necessary.Those 4 letters
say it all...Always and forever the best,
thru service,bravery and sacrifice.
I've met pro ballplayers and other boring
celebrities and none of them had the
class and dignity of the FDNY Lt.who I
met on a trip.
by Getch June 25, 2005
A somewhat strange place which still has
an identity problem.For example- the
Devils win a Stanley Cup and have their
parade in the parking lot of the arena,
weird...A place with a lot of good people who just get fucked over daily
by the asshole state gov't and scumbag
politicians,who deserve to be put against a wall and shot,until they find a few who have the balls to straighten
out the fucking mess.A place where you
get used to bending over and getting it up the ass by auto insurance companies
who are also in bed with the asshole
state gov't.Get a ticket in Va. and the
asshole insurance co.in NJ will also fuck you with a fine for insurance points.All the whore politicians know how bad this fucking mess is but none of them have the fucking balls to fix
their fuck-ups,they are all lying cock
suckers who won't address the real
problems.Instead they keep coming up with one fucked up law after another.
They are too worried about fucking over people who smoke,to line their fucking
coffers with extra money from cigarette
sales.Somebody wants to smoke,they know the risks but they should'nt have to
pay out the ass because these cocksuckers can't manage money and demand more and more.Out the ass taxes,
road tolls etc....typical Jersey.Bring
back the Mob...at least they'd make a fucking profit and eliminate these no
good,useless,fucking political,ball-less
Best view of New Jersey that I ever
saw,from my rear view mirror.
by Getch May 30, 2005
An annoying fucking habit,used mostly
by women who have to flap their fucking
hands around when they speak.What the
fuck is that gesture supposed to be?Do
you know how fucking stupid that looks
when you talk to someone and their fucking claws are flying all the fuck over the place?Put your fucking hands
in your fucking pocket,if you don't
know what the fuck to do with them.
I didn't know what the fuck she was saying,she was too busy flapping her
fucking hands all the fuck over like a
fucking two legged windmill.
by Getch July 18, 2005
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