Gas guzzlers driven by cum guzzlers.
Some bitch cut me off in her SUV, obviously in a hurry to get home in time for a faceload.
by suv driver December 11, 2006
Soccer Mom's Ultimate Vehicle. These are created so that soccer mom can drive her little unwanted bastards to band practice and the soccer field in confort.
It is not uncommen for Soccer mom to driver with a cell phone stuck in her ear and trying to yield a 2 ton vehicle with one hand.

Be alert for these. They are often seen upside down, swerving heavily, or 3 feet away from the outside traffic line, or augerred into the hillside.

While they do offer 4 Wheel drive Soccer Moms and yuppies never have a use for this feature. The only off-road duty these see is when they back up into the flower bed.
Vicky wont be able to drive her SUV if she keep cracking it up on the interstate.
by DrMeandudeMD October 06, 2006
The American Vehicle of Choice. Pollutes, drinks gas like camels drink water, and carries ten thousand more people than you could ever need to fit in a car at once, ever.

Commonly driven by anyone who feels like it. Blocks the view of people pulling out of parking spaces and the like.

Much bigger than most other cars, thus considerably more collision-safe (though less well-guarded in terms of rollover).
Now the road may have congestion,
But, hey, I'll get there alive.
So don't pester me with questions
Like "What would GANDHI drive??"

~God Bless My SUV, Capital Steps
by The Ugly One March 21, 2004
What foreigners would call an Armoured Personnel Vehicle.
Tourist In America: OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT THING?? How come no one told me you infidel dogs were at war running tanks crowded cities?

American: That be those them SUV dilly's. Them mom's like to drive thos big buggers. *spit*
by pops August 15, 2005
Vehicle improperly named by General Motors in the early stages of production. UARV (URBAN ASSAULT ROLLOVER VEHICLE)correctly defines this worthless, gas guzzling beast we call an SUV.
"I cant see in front of me because this damn UARV is blocking my view."
by CrazyOlCoot September 05, 2003
A stupid piece of shit that gets 15 mpg and is designed to go off-raod but is only driven on the streets by damn idiots.
I'm an idiot. I'm gonna go buy an SUV instead a sedan lose all my money on gas!
by octopus August 17, 2006
origionally intended for off-roaders and people who needed a truck and a van at the same time. Now they are used mostly by pricks, dicks and assholes. Soccormoms love these because they can put their 300lb kid in the back, let him watch a DVD so she doesn't have to be a parent while she talks on her cellphone (almost killing innocent motorists in cars and pedestrians) on her way to the soccor game where everybody is special so they all win. SUVs can be divided into 3 catagories
1) Fullsized- overbuilt, overpowered four-wheel-drive beheemouths with more luxury than a 4star hotel i.e. Esclades, Excursions, Navigators, Hummers
2) "Crossovers"- underbuilt, underpowered wuss-mobiles designed so that some people can feel good that they are not driving a tank when in fact, they are even worse because they still waste fuel and space, drive like idiots and should really be driving a van or car. Forgein companies from Asia and Europe often sell these too.
3) Suburbans- Still a full-sized SUV with luxury and four-wheel-drive, but actually designed to tow and work. idiots from catagory 1 still buy suburbans, but so do people who actually work the truck like a truck.
I was crossing the street when some bitch in a SUV hit me. She got pissed off at me (eventhough she ran the light because she was doing her make-up and chatting on her cell) because my face scratched her bumper.
by northendwhitetrash December 30, 2007
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