Screws Up Volkswagens---->SUV
Should have been called SBOW- Security Blanket ON Wheels
1.)A large unnecessary pile of shit (no matter how much it costs)who's owners enjoy pissing away the worlds natural resources more than R. Kelly enjoys pissing on women. Their owners usually justify owning one for its ability to make them feel safe and to transport their large family consisting of 1 spoiled bratty ass child that will grow up to be an even bigger asshole than their parents. When in reality they just need to learn how to drive a normal size vehicle so they don't have to hide behind a tank. Basically its a suburban security blanket for morons.

2.) An ignorant useless automotive indulgence that has set the automotive industry back 20 years.

3.) What president Bush masturbates to photos of.

4.) The main reason why we will run out of oil one day.

5.) The main reason why the electric car concept was abandoned. See the film "who killed the electric car".

6.) What will most likely be the instrument of my death when im driving my 1959 VW Beetle down the interstate one day.

7.) Vehicles who's owners i will be laughing my ass off at when we run out of oil and they are reduced to nothing but large even more useless paperweights. I can always convert the bug to electricity.

8.) The reason why we need to put more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly bio diesel engines in large vehicles.

9.) The reason why people will not be able to drive and enjoy classic cars in the future. Because SUV's drank up all the gas.

10.) The only vehicle you see on the road if you live in Short Pump Virginia.

11.) The reason why people are afraid to drive compact cars. If they buy an SUV they cannot get hurt if another SUV runs into them.

"Some selfish shit bag in an SUV ran over me while i was driving my bug down the interstate. Now im disabled and have to spend the rest of my life as a vegetable while their ass can walk around and enjoy their selfish little suburban lifestyle and live in their overpriced cookie cutter home. But thats my fault i guess. How stupid of me to be driving a fuel efficient compact car. If i was driving an SUV this wouldnt have happened."
by A Swinger October 26, 2007
Sport Utility Vehicle. Similar to a station wagon but built on a light-truck chassis. Usually equipped with four-wheel drive for on or off-road ability, some SUVs include the towing capacity of a pickup truck with the passenger-carrying space of a minivan. The SUV's popularity has since declined,due to criticism regarding excessive gasoline consumption, pollution, cost, and poor safety.
The "S.U.V.'s" consumption of gas is really high.
by coco38 January 27, 2009
Basically a virgin that THINKS shes/he da shit.(usally a girl)
-"Hey you saw Shakita today, struttin around cause she got a new purse?"
-"Yeah, but still doesn't change the fact shes a SUV.
by Kidd2331 March 31, 2008
Sport utility vehicle. What is so sporty of sherman tank offroad gas guzzler cargo trailer puller and cargo hauler? Nothing sporty about it unless mom and dad is taking kids to a sports meet. That is soccer practice. The suv is a vehicle of trend than a vehicle that is owned among soccer dads and moms that live in the suburbs that need to keep up with the jones. The suburban zombies are in the mind state of sharing the same brain,because they have no concept of how to make their own decisions.The suv is taken from a pickup and been modified. The suv is a vehicle of a lifestyle not for it's real purpose.Most suvs don't hit the offroad mud trails on a daily basis.
soccer moms utility off road rugrat brat hauler
suv-soccer utility vehicle
suv-suburban urban vanity
suv-stupid useless vehicle
suv-sherman tank utility vehicle
suv is a mini van and station wagon replacement and upgrade
by clz28 April 24, 2010
An over size gas guzzler sherman tank utility vehicle owned by suburban retards that need to feel big .The suv is more of a vehicle of living up to a lifestyle and being trendy.The type of people that own these vehicles have to keep up with the Jones.These vehicles are owned among soccer moms that need a gas guzzler sherman tank to haul rugrat brats to soccer practice,go to pta meetings or a grocery getter.It does not make sense to have an offroad 3 ton 4 wheel drive vehicle that drive on asphalt roads majority of its life.It does not snow year round.Most suvs won't hit the dirt road or the mud pit. Most of the oversize suvs get terrible fuel milage of 13 mpg in city and 18 mpg in highway.Suvs have became ugly boxy vehicles that have no character that is lame as the owner. You are what you drive.If suvs would be eliminated the roads wouldn't be as cluttered,would conserve on fuel and would be alot of cooler vehicles on the road.
Sherman tank gas guzzler utility vehicle -suv
soccer utilty vehicle-suv
supersize utility vehicle-suv
suburban urban vanity - suv
by musclecar man November 11, 2009
Large, useless piece of shit, usually driven by cellphone yapping, middle aged businessmen, whos idea of "offroad" is the paved driveway.
Most S.U.V.s have little to no offroad ability and have a useless pseudo-4WD transmission combined with an automatic gearbox mated to a gutless yet uneconomical powerplant, which suits the high earning owners lifestyle perfectly.
Notoriously dangerous at high speed, and even at low speed whilst cornering. A 'sports kit' does little to make it 'sporty' or increase overall performance.

The SUV is of similar status to the MPV, but is more usless than the MPV
"My Subaru has gone places my boss can't take his S.U.V."
by R Martin January 03, 2006
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