Satan's Utility Vehicle. Nothing more than an irresponsible, gaz-guzzling, status symbol bought and operated by sexualty frustrated housewives, trophywives and suburban soccer moms who think they own the road and believe it requires a 3-ton monstrocity to haul 2 kids to practice while their cheating, corporate executive husbands are off banging their secretary. An SUV can often be seen occupying two parking spaces so it won't be hit by another "inferior" vehicle.
An SUV is an absolutely worthless, irresponsible automobile that does nothing but serve as a status cymbol to show off your money to others as if we care how much money you have. All SUVS are incredibly irresponsible to the environment and should be outlawed.
by krock1dk March 24, 2008
Selfish Use Vehicle
Driven by middle aged women or their pathetic husbands with smaller than average penises.
SUV's poor gas mileage is a big reason we are sending our valuable youth out to fight useless wars which in turn kill innocent Iraqis.
Middle-age woman: Did you see the gas prices today? 2.39!
Me: Yea you dumb bitch, it's simple economics. You consume so much fucking fuel that the prices rise... cunt!
by Eric C. July 19, 2005
1)a bigass oversized vehicle
2)a vihecle that takes up too much room in parking lots and when people try to back out of a parking spot the driver wont have enough room
3)a major heatlh threat for people who have asthma and the elderly
4)contributes to Global warming
by Merlyn June 29, 2003
Sure to be Under Vehicle.
"Well, I can give you this car with a five-star safety rating, which gets 38 miles a gallon, for twelve grand . . . OR I can give you this SUV which gets ten miles a gallon and hasn't gone through any safety tests at all for twenty-five grand."

"I'll take the SUV!"
by Xyzzy January 29, 2005
what soccer moms need to drive their fat kids around without, the kid crushing the car
also known as idiot mobile
by shade December 15, 2004
Like a minivan and pickup truck. Higher center of gravity meaning easy rollovers. Guzzles more gas than pickup trucks. Often used by soccer moms who can't drive but need control of the road (until they roll over). Part of a secret agenda of the automobile industry to rid the world of soccer moms.
Why get an efficient and cheap minivan? I'd rather drive an SUV so I could roll over at the drop of a hat.
by Mystic November 24, 2003
A contemporary expression of the lack of creativity and constipated thinking which characterizes the declining US automobile industry, and a notable symbol of the excess, isolation, separation from nature, and declining aesthetic sense that characterizes mainstream US culture and life.
"We don't know how we ever lived without our Suburban. Shopping trips to Home Depot are really a breeze now, and we can get our big screen to the repair shop so easily in our SUV. We don't even mind what it costs to fill the tank. There's plenty of oil as long as we're willing to fight for it and we don't have to send OUR son to war. The other day we broadsided a small car driven by an old man and his wife, and we didn't feel a thing!"
by citds21pallas January 01, 2007
the ugliest fucking vehicle in the world.
it's as if PT cruisers aren't ugly enough, every american car company had to go and mass produce SUV's
by wicked_mad July 18, 2004
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