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1)A term for an employee or co-worker who is slower than most and often makes many mistakes even after considerable time on the job. The term Clem can be said to there face because they are often unaware what it means.

2)A term for a friend, roommate, hallmate, or general acquaintance that makes dumb decisions when sober and even dumber decisions when drunk and continues to make such dumb decisions because they black-out and forget what they have done the previous night.
"Wow Rickey is such a Clem he went up to Emily's room last night and tried to open her door by rubbing his dick on her door knob."
by B-Rad010 October 27, 2012
a hillbilly hick who's dumber than shit
I hope this trip in the woods will not be like "Deliverance"
I don't wanna get raped by a clem.
by Eric Monti September 18, 2005
North East England colloquial term used to replace the unit of imperial measure of a Stone in weight.
That big girl over there must weight at least 30 clem.
by billgatese30 April 27, 2011
A small and tight opening, which can be easily accessed.
My hand got stuck in the clem when I was reaching in.
by jabba's clem June 15, 2011

(unfortunate then, that there is a chain of fish and Chip resturants in the North east of England under the that name).
Boy oh boy, its a hot one! My clems aint half sweaty.
by Jonathan McTwattybollocks May 26, 2004
Geordie slang

Generic adjective used to denote male or female sexual body parts, usually the testicles.
Bugger me, it's hot enough in here to boil yer clems!

Stop whining or I'll kick you in the clems.
by Crimson Queen July 19, 2008
Clem is a sexy bootylicious babe who has sass and ass. With a love for dildos and anything of a sexual nature. Cool and easy to talk to she can schmooze her way through anything.
Man she's so cool, that girl is such a clem.
by Tinkerbells Boob February 23, 2015
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