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The SUV is suppose to be a sport utility vehicle.A rugged truck type of vehicle that is design for offroad purposes,cargo haulers and trailer haulers.The whole idea and concept of SUV since the 1990's has change since the suv has become a vehicle that is a commercial.The auto manufactures increasing making suvs.Before the 1990's GM Cadillac and ford lincoln didn't make an suv.Only made luxury cars.The suv has became a trend and a lifestyle among suburbia people that have to compete with the jones.Majority of suvs never hit offroad dirt road trails.Most suvs are gas guzzler vehicle that support terriorst due to have to have a higher demand for oil and most suvs are not echonomical.SUVs are owned among soccer moms or dads that live in the suburbs to haul kids to school in.Suvs are ugly boxy vehicle that are the size of a sherman tank.The suv is not a very good of center of gravity that has increase risk of rollovers.The suv is the upgrade vehicle of the minivan.What is sad but true is that the road is flooded with suvs with suvs flocked on parking lots,flocked on driveways of the suburbia neighborhood.This is the idea of people that share the same brain and don't believe being and individual. Today idea of owning an suv is to be trendy and to fit in with the folks.Alot of the suvs look like cookie cutters.
Soccer mom has to take her little tykes to school and soccer practice in the sherman tank suv that seat about 7 passengers, but only has 2 children.The suv is very thirsty at the gas pump.To fill up an suv can take up to more than 50.00 to fill up the tank with gas prices almost at 3.00 a gallon.Most suvs get less than 20 mpg unless buy the new hibrid
by clcamaro September 10, 2007
A rice burner is an import car that is an economy car for a daily driver.Most riceburner cars are front wheel drive cars with a 4 cylinder engine that does not have alot of horsepower or torque.Since movies called fast and furious came out and trends in California been out the idea of the riceburner has changed.The movie fast and furious quote is ill get you a 10 second car.Most rice burners are not able to run a 10 second unless highly modified with overprice parts that have to build up 4 banger that is hp per liter.The cars are usually built up by young new generation kids thinking adding a turbo,nos,1 header with a fart can muffler and some homemade airbox is going to highly increase ets.The rice burner owners don't like muscle car owners because intimidated of cars with true raw horse power that don't need all the overprice mods to try to run competively.Most rice burner have an aftermarket spoiler that look like a parkbench.Also put neon lights for bottom of car,put too many sticker on car.(stickers are not going to increase horsepower).The car is all for show not for go.Movies as for fast and furious had put riceburners as some some goddess type car that insult muscle cars by putting a japanese 4 or 6 cylinder motor in a ford mustang.The ford mustang came with a better stock V8 from detroit.Also riceburners in fast in furious racing a Hemi challanger and a Camaro yanko.The ricer is not in the same class with a hemi mopar and a 427 rat camaro.A hemi challenger and a camaro yanko is a fast car out of the factory with raw horsepower.A camaro yanko and a mopar hemi is alot more legendary and valuable than some kids highly modified ricer.
The movie fast and furious is an insult to american muscle.Muscle didn't come from japan.A Rice burner again are economy cars. A modified ricer look like a car of the special olympics.
by clcamaro September 10, 2007
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