A slow-ass pollution machine.
Hey random socer mom in front of me! Move your fat SUV ass, the light's green!
by dj gs68 September 23, 2003
SUV: Driven most the massess cause they are so gullible and believe they have a need to drive a land yacht of a vehicle that get's 9mpg and is tottaly un-safe that's trendy!!! Mostly seen driven by Angry Soccer Moms, Angry Wall Street Dads, And Other Suburban Status Whores(aka middle class, upper middle class and the rich).
Look at that moron driving that SUV, doesn't he know it's unsafe.
by John April 05, 2005
Shitty Un-environmental Vehicle. The reason GM is going broke. The reason Ford will also go broke if they keep trying to push these pieces of shit. MoPar won't get hurt though, because they don't push as many of these pieces of shit.
Hey Clem, I done bot me a SUV. It done gets 15 mpg with the wind pushin me downhill.
by GM_Is_Going_Broke May 06, 2005
A massively oversized motorized vehicle that frequently blocks your view into traffic. Dangerous when parked, especially dangerous when in motion.
I'd pull out of the driveway but that SUV is blocking my view.
by corvus brachyrhynchos July 25, 2003
A vehicle that when driven is comprable to drunk driving. In other words, the offending driver is likely to walk away without a scratch, while the victim is usually just fucked.
I got hit by an SUV, but it's ok, because I got a million bucks. And all I had to do was break my neck!
by combat_rock November 29, 2003
A useless bulk of metal, plastic and other materials that uses an excessive ammount of gasoline. Commonly used in jokes about soccer moms and Republicans.
Michael: Why would anybody need a car THAT big?
Ashley: To make up for something else.
by buttonshXc February 14, 2004
Silly - Urban - Vanity

1. A vehicle made to go off road for camping trips, hunting, and for trail riding, but is only used for getting groceries.

2. A boxy vehicle that while made to function in mud, rocks, or sand, can often be seen dodging small puddles since the owner just washed and waxed it before picking up his "ho".

3. Further proof that most of the American buying public are sheep easily led to slaughter (see croc clogs)
His SUV is capable of going in the mud up the the fender wells, but he won't even drive it in the rain!

That SUV can hold eight people, but that 5'2" bitch yakking on her cell phone and weaving in and out of traffic without using her turn signal is driving all alone.

Wow, I never knew that you needed a four wheel drive Lexus to pick up a dozen donuts!
by OnTheSideOfRight October 08, 2006

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