Evil represented by steel on tires. Driven by conservatives who don't want to conserve. Gets less miles to the gallon than the first car invented.
My friend and I went on a cross-country road trip; I drove a Model T, he drove an SUV. He could go faster, but we got to the coast at the same time because I didn't have to gas up as often.
by Zeke October 31, 2003
SUV stands for Sport-Utility-Vehicle but can also be read as: Super Ugly Vehicle, Stupid Useless Vehicle, Sport Useless Vehicle, Super Useless Vehicle, Sucky Useless Vehicle, or Seriously Ugly Vehicle. Most SUV's sit in the garage and never go off road unless one of their tires blows out. They are an extra heavy, environmentally hostile, overpriced status symbol with poor gas mileage, high repair costs, and a history of rolling over. Driven mostly by the same Baby Boomers who brought us bell bottoms and disco. They are viewed by some psychologists as a Freudian expression of insecurity and lack of sexual endowment. People hit by SUV's usually die instantly. Some analysts predict the death of the SUV fad/craze to be 2006.
Bill: Hey look at my new SUV, it weighs six tons, is 20 feet long, gets 4 miles to the gallon, and has never seen a dirt road.
John: What do you need it for?
Bill: I feel insecure and the commercials looked exciting. Hey would you like to see an old pair of my bell bottoms?
John: No thanks, me and my wife are taking our new hybrid cross country to go camping.
Bill: Well have a good time, I'm taking out a loan to buy some gas to drive to work this month.
by m1z_w1z_11 August 28, 2005
A mammoth-sized automobile used for no other purpose than to piss off the people they park next to. This angers the victim right up to the point where they have to get their kid out of the car to see if another car is coming past the other side of the ridiculously over-sized heap of metal.
I say we find the manufacturers of SUVs around the world and enslave them to resurrecting the Pinto. Nobody would dare to tailgate you in a Pinto.
by Phatal August 29, 2004
abbrev: Soccermoms United in Vacuousness
"Our boys are dying in some desert somewhere for these SUV's"
by jethro January 16, 2004
One of the greatest nonense in human history of consciously destroying the planet by using more and more gas.
A great way of encouraging the american empire to start wars in the Middle-East
Hey man, look at my new Hummer! Isn't it useless and ugly ?
by [Edouard B. Chapleau] January 01, 2004
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