Satan's Utility Vehicle. Nothing more than an irresponsible, gaz-guzzling, status symbol bought and operated by sexualty frustrated housewives, trophywives and suburban soccer moms who think they own the road and believe it requires a 3-ton monstrocity to haul 2 kids to practice while their cheating, corporate executive husbands are off banging their secretary. An SUV can often be seen occupying two parking spaces so it won't be hit by another "inferior" vehicle.
An SUV is an absolutely worthless, irresponsible automobile that does nothing but serve as a status cymbol to show off your money to others as if we care how much money you have. All SUVS are incredibly irresponsible to the environment and should be outlawed.
by krock1dk March 24, 2008
School bus Urban replacement Vehicle
Traffic is already messed up during rush hour as it is. Neurotic Soccer Mom is personally transporting the little tykes in the SUV because of obvious safety concerns with BIG YELLOW VEHICLE that you could basically see from Mars. Her driving skills also being obviously superior.
by ponder October 30, 2003
Sport utility vehicle. A terrorist fundraiser on wheels. A machine that turns large amounts of the world's bloodiest conflict commodity into a poison gas so fat-rich people can get from their televisions to their sedentary jobs without having to stand up.
When filling your SUV and watching the numbers on the pump go up, somewhere the same thing is happening to a terrorist's bank account. Stop buying these things you vain, insecure little twats.
by author October 14, 2006
A vehicle that is ordinarily driven by a Fat Woman. This driver would qualify to have an SUV Fatlady bumper sticker on her back bumper. You might likely see a bunch of these vehicles driven by fat women, in school roundabouts, waiting to pick up their snot nose kids when school lets out. This is particulary so at Parochial schools.
I was driving by a christian school today, and looked over seeing about 15 SUV's in the roundabout. Then, I had to drive about 5 miles an hour behind about 5 more of these SUV's, waiting for them to turn into the school parking lot. Not to any surprise, was each vehicle was being driven by a fat hog woman.
by SUV FAT LADY April 03, 2008
Vehicle with the hauling capacity of a car, the ride of a truck, the gas milage of a tank, and the price tag of a jet fighter. See useless.
Often driven by middle aged buisness men trying to look rugged or outdoorsy. 21 century replacement for the mid-life crisis sports car
Also driven by soccer moms and business woman because it looks more aggresive than the mini-van they really needed. See penis envy.
The origin of the species were the old International Scout, Range Rovers, Land Rovers, and Chevy Suburbans, which were all true 4X4's and were designed with minimal comforts, but could climb the hell out of anything whilst towing a small village behind them. Current specimens are often underpowered or two wheel drive sitting on high leaf springs so they still look like they can climb and pull, but usually can be beat at the light by an economy 4 cylinder car. Current models are often fully outfitted with every luxury feature available, including GPS in case the driver decides to turn off the blacktop for a couple seconds.
As long as the SUV market continues to increase, the price of gasoline is not high enough.
by KillAllHumans October 13, 2004
Satan's Unholy Vehicle.
That cidiot parked his SUV in the handicapped spot.
by nucleus May 26, 2004
noun. Massive behemoths of "automobiles" that have the gas mileage of a supertanker. Though designed to be used off-road, 99.99% of the mentally retarded people that buy them use them to drive around urban and suburban areas with usually one person in it. Sported by 125 pound blonde women(meaning they can't drive for shit, even in a real automobile)

Fun to sabotage, then see the look on the face of the ugly middle aged women who is just wasting space on the earth.

The Acronym 'SUV' stands for

If you have an SUV, you are either:

A) Retarded
B) An off-roader
C) woman who needs to feel big
D) Male who needs a lot of compensation
by Potato Reborn March 08, 2004
An overgrown station wagon,normally
occupied by one of the following...
assholes,scumbags,douche bags and the
usual dumb fucking cunt with a cell
phone jammed in her ear and her precious
little fuck remnants in the back.You can
usually find these fucking zeroes in your rear view mirror,riding up someones
ass,landing in ditches,rolling over and
generally being driven by the typical
asshole in the categories above.You have
to be a real fucking moron to get sucked
in by the car mfr.bullshit advertising
for these useless pieces of shit.Unless
it's for military,service or rough terrain usage,there's no fucking reason
why these assholes need these shitwagons.I have to hear these fuckwads
moan on the news when they have to shell
out $55 to gas up these pieces of shit.
Too bad, up.I had the personal pleasure last year on 2 separate occasions of seeing 2 of these
assholes in ford explorers getting their
asses beat,one on the highway and the
other at an exit ramp.I witnessed the
cocksucker at the exit ramp,moments before,driving like a reckless asshole
on the highway and pushing people out of
the way.The fuckwad got what he deserved,moaning like a little bitch when he got his ass ripped.Take boxing
lessons asshole."The bigger the suv,
the smaller the pecker"Now,go roll the
fuck over.
Hello just won a brand new
suv in our drawing...
Stick it up your ass,handjob...I'll hang
on to my Yugo......
by Getch May 31, 2005

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