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1. A dish that features both Scampi and Steak

2. A sexual act involving eating out a girl's vagina (surf) and anus (turf).
"I didn't get to have sex with her, but she did let me try the surf n turf"
by chipznpittaz June 04, 2009
A surf and turf is a term used to describe a dish you can order that usually has some land dwelling animal such as beef, and a fish accompaniment. When used for fun and as slang it refers to the game some men play, where you go out hogging or whaling, both are terms for larger women. When you are able to make love to both types of larger women in the same night you have just enjoyed a Surf N' Turf.
" We went hoggin the other night and ended up with a Surf N' Turf."
by Stevemando November 28, 2009
1) Bisexual. Liking both "surf" (fish, i.e. pussy) and "turf" (meat, i.e. cock)

2) Getting some man and lady love at the same time or in the same relative time frame.
1) "She's definitely surf n turf, and she's been staring at you all night. You can't lose!"

2) "Why do people keep inviting me to their house for surf n turf? I'm not going to magically start liking cock"
by You're a freak! August 31, 2010
When a straight couple is having sexual intercourse in the missionary position while another man and/or woman licks both of their sexual organs at the same time
Jared: Last night was fucking crazy man!
Steve: Why bro?
Jared: Cuz I was pounding your sisters taco with my man hammer and your girlfriend came in and started licking my bitches pussy and my dick at the same time!
Steve: aw, the old Surf N Turf?
by Sean MacDonald July 19, 2008
Performing cunnilingus on your special lady friend whilst on the beach.
Being that it was Allison's birthday, Jeff took her to the beach and treated her to a lovely surf n turf. She was delighted!
by lostsailor July 10, 2008
when you move your bowels and half is terra firma while the other half is wet and wild
i just took a nasty surf n turf in your grandma's bathroom.
by tbone32 September 11, 2006
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