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Vaginal and anal intercourse, whether sequentially by one person or simultaneously by two. Surf is for the shrimpy front, turf is the for the soil and fertilizer in the rear.
After wining and dining her on champagne, steak and lobster, he was looking forward to returning with her to his place for the surf and turf dessert.
by Yaybob October 11, 2006
If you spend a lot of money on a girl especially if it's her suggestion, it's socially expected that she plans to put out.
Guy1: Last night I took Stacy out and she ordered lobster and she didn't even give me a bj.

Guy2: Man that should've been a total surf and turf what a bitch.
by Swagger-jagger August 22, 2014
A simultaneous fingering of the vagina and eating out of the clit. The surf represents the wet part (the tongue) while the turf represents the dry (the finger).
Billy: Dude, Britney was really moaning last night. Did you get it in?

Kyle: Nah, I just surf and turfed her.
by gofgirl983 December 11, 2011
(verb, noun) Drinking alcohol (liquid=surf) and smoking pot (plant=turf) on the same night/day. They can be done in either order, or simultaneously.
E: I am so baked and wasted right now.
C: I feel ya dude. I love surf and turf.

P: I was so messed up last night.
S: Did you Surf and Turf?
P: Yeah... that's what happens when you Surf and Turf.
by dcchild January 18, 2011
A bisexual woman or man. Just as a customer at a Surf and Turf restaurant will eat both clam and meat, this person will eat both clam (vagina) and meat (penis) in bed.
Dude, I've seen her with men and women. She's a total Surf and Turf. Hit that up!
by Ardenite November 11, 2009
When friend, family member, colleague, or customer order the most expensive thing on the menu only because they are not paying. Usually done solo while in a group.
"Dinner was real good last night but Johnson pulled a surf and turf in front of the customer. A**hole."
by Cr0tchsh0t April 01, 2010
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