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A Canadian sedative/pain killer. Contains five, ten, or twenty mgs of oxycodone, the same as Percocet or OxyContin. However, unlike Percocet, Supeudol doesn't have any Tylenol in it, making it nearly harmless (Tylenol is a liver killer). Unlike OxyContin, Supeudol dissolves in water easily, and is injectable.
- Hey, Doc, my leg hurts.
- Here, have some Percocet.
- No Percocet for me, I don't like Tylenol.
- Okay, how about some OxyContin?
- I want something to take when I have pain, not on schedule.
- Well, here's two-fifty Supeudol twenties. Take these every four hours as needed.
- Gee, thanks, Doc! You know how to treat a patient right!
by d1l4ud1d July 09, 2011
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