When a shit has a stringy look. The "stringers" may also produce shit spray all over the bowl as it goes for a swim.
Jonno:Wow man, James your face looks like a STRINGERS
by Ihatesfuckingmaths March 04, 2006
The kid who performs sexual favors to senior citizens and animals for small amounts of money.
Stringer went down on Woman while getting nailed from behind by Sonny.
by Ivanna B. Fucked January 08, 2004
A long, thin, rapidly discharged turd.
Karson dropped a stringer in the toilet.
by Noam May 21, 2004
one who goes down on his wife while eating a sandwich
That dude is a nasty stringer.
by matthew December 01, 2003
A dull twat who tells boring stories; an educated character of limited intelligence; someone who likes eating Korma.
"Last night was going well, but a few of the lads started being Stringer - it kind of nose-dived after that"
by Benedict B February 15, 2008

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