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Tzahal - IDF - Israeli Defence Forces.
The mofos who come whoop your ass if you spent last night at a Hammas rally.
yo man wtf, öäì just raided my crip bcuz i spent last night frenching with my Yasin picture.
by Noam April 27, 2004
StarCraft BroodWars.. the best RTS game in existance. (StarCraft is 2nd place)
scbw > while{1} .. scbw is bigger than something endless. get it?!
by Noam January 04, 2005
Kochava (pronounced Ko-Ha-Va) is an Israeli name in Hebrew for females, mostly given to girls born between 1950-1970.
The definition of this name comes from the word "Kochav" (pronounced Ko-Hav), which means "Star" in Hebrew.
Bronia: "Kochava, go do your homework"
Kochava: "Yes mom, right away."
#hebrew #israel #israeli #name #star
by Noam June 25, 2007
The amazing art of writing hebrew in english letters (roman alphabet..)
ze hebglish, ani medaber be ivrit aval ze beotiot angliot!! madhim.
by Noam July 20, 2004
an overgrown human-mutt that has a severe lack in hygiene products. mostly find in denia at haifa, using a personal elevator.
wtf, ols just used his elevator to get from floor 1 to floor 2 on his house.
by Noam July 04, 2004
Horse's Dick -
the original saying being "he's like a cool dude swinging in the breeze"
by noam June 17, 2004
A long, thin, rapidly discharged turd.
Karson dropped a stringer in the toilet.
by Noam May 21, 2004
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